Is it possible to template simulations?

Nov 01, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have created a course template for content creators to use. It has two simulations in it; one for a try scenario and one for a test scenario. When i recorded fake scenarios to create and showcase the template, I had to do a ton of tweaking - everything from adjusting the hotspots to increasing the slide side to tweaking the feedback for it, etc. Is there a way to template simulations or are they always created from scratch?

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Diane Fallier

One idea would be to have a simple simulation where you add comments to specify what normally needs to be done to get the type of simulation you want for your organization. In my current position we find it easiest to use screen shots and add our own interactivity. We have instructions on a panel off to the side that helps us keep the look and feel consistent.

Stefanie Pielahn

Hi Diane,

Sometimes i think it is just easier to interlink screenshots rather than fuss with the recorded simulation. They can get quite finicky.

I've left all the instructions in the notes of an empty slide that will be replaced with the simulation, i just thought it would be great if there were tasks i could pre-make and take off the plate for others. Maybe the instructions panel is still the right route. 

Diane Fallier

You could pre-make examples of the types of interactions that are needed for your simulations. We had instruction panels that users could bring up by clicking an icon. They were off screen and slid in from the side. It was nice to be able to copy this from an existing rather than making it from scratch.

If you have text entry items that are needed you could create an example of that. It took the original designer some time to figure out how we wanted these to work. After that, we just reused that example.

We had a series of menu items that were the same for several simulations. We were able to reuse those slides rather than create them every time.

Having these examples makes it easier to code the simulation.

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