Is there a way to have a specific portion of an image be the correct area for a drag and drop question?

I work at a medical company , and there is a tool that has 2 prongs on the end. I need to include the entire image of the tool, but I would like to make it so only the 2 prongs are the correct section of the image for drag/drop.

I duplicated the image and cropped it out so that just the 2 prongs were an image, and then I grouped it together with the full image, hoping that it would allow me to select the smaller image. Unfortunately, the new group with the small image and full image is the only option to select.

Is this possible to do? Does anyone have a suggestion?

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi David,

Since the prongs and the rest of the tool need to move as one, I don't think a regular drag and drop interaction would work. Instead, I think the "object intersects" condition in a trigger might do what you need.

If it was me, I'd set up a "pick one" interaction with the correct/incorrect objects/buttons off-screen. They should be in a button set and the default state of the incorrect object should be selected. Then I'd set up the following triggers:

  • Change state of "correct" to selected when Object Intersects "prongs" with Hotspot.
  • Change state of "incorrect" to selected when Object stops intersecting "prongs" with Hotspot.

The off-screen objects are used simply for grading and the programmed drag and drop interaction is what actually drives their states.

Does that make sense?