Issue with Data Entry Fields changing between workspace and preview

May 20, 2015

Hey guys as the title states, I have an issue where in the workspace everything is set up the way I want, but when I go to publish or preview it alters the formating, text and size of the data entries but only a couple of them.

Have tried everything I could think of.

See attached file for a better understanding

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lewis

are you working locally and do you have your display setting at 96DPI - sometimes working from a usb or network drive causes erratic behaviour.  All the assets in your project should also be on your local drive prior to publishing.  Are you publishing to a local drive?

Here is a link that might help you or if you want to upload your .story file happy to take a look and see if I get the same behaviour

Lewis Hardie

Hey Wendy,


I have checked everything you suggested and still haven't been able to fix this issue.

I've even followed the link through and uninstalled and reset registry's.


Here is the storyline file, it would be great if you could have a look at it and let me know if you're getting the same results.

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