Issue with some course interactions

Hey heroes! 

I'm having an issue with a sample course I'm working on. There are two issues. 

The first is that I can't get a quiz button layer to pop up upon meeting the conditions. I have a number variable currently set to activate a layer after reaching "6", the variable adjustment of "+1" happens as the user clicks each button on the layer. 

The other issue, is that if you click the buttons multiple times in a row, they will actually close the layer even though I don't have them set to do that. You'll notice in the video, it's like the timeline starts again but I don't have anything assigned with the trigger to start the timeline. 

I've included the project file and a video explaining what I'm seeing. 

Your help is greatly appreciated! 



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Tom Kuhlmann

I took a quick peek at the file. There are some things that you do that aren't required.

Before I look over the file:

  • Why are you pausing the timeline?
  • You don't need a trigger for the hover state since that's what the state does.
  • Why did you put a hotspot over the exit button rather than a trigger on the exit button?

Just want to know in case there's a specific reason. I'll look over the file and see what I can offer.

Brian Shipe


Some of the stuff that’s extra was me attempting to solve other issues.

1. I paused the timeline because when I didn’t have the cue point it would close the cards that pop up for each button when the timeline stops.

2. I don’t believe I have an additional hover trigger for the buttons themselves but if I’m missing that it could be one of the issues.

3. I put a hotspot over the icon because the space in the middle where the shape is, isn’t clickable. I do that so that no matter where the user is on the button it will change states.

Thanks for asking.

Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a tutorial where I show how to get rid of all of those triggers. Essentially, you can set each layer up with one trigger.

Also, the quiz slide objects are weird and not sure what's wrong with them, but that I think is the culprit.

Brian Shipe

Tom, I really appreciate you taking the time to figure out those issues. I think I got lost in trying to solve one issue so much that I forgot to keep the triggers simple. I’m going to apply all the changes you made and will share with you once they are completed. I’ve put a good amount of time into this project and was trying to get these issues worked out. I have a lot to learn. 

Again thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated.