It's a Free "Virtual Tour" Storyline Template!

Jul 28, 2014

I created a "virtual tour" entry for this Articulate challenge, and thought it could be a Storyline template someone might like to use. You can download it below.

If you'd like to use map images like the ones I created, this is how I did it:

  1. Chose maps from Microsoft Clipart Style 1158 and brought them into PowerPoint.
  2. Right clicked on each image and chose Group > Ungroup > Yes.
  3. Deleted every piece and part except for the primary map image that I wanted.
  4. Added an outline: Right click > Format Shape > Line Color > Solid Line.
  5. Changed the fill color: Right click > Format Shape > Solid Fill (or No Fill or whatever you'd like).
  6. Saved each one as an image: Right click > Save as Picture (I saved mine as PNGs).
  7. Inserted each one into Storyline as an image.

My original demo is here.

My blog post about it is here.

I hope you enjoy creating your own tour!

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