Javascript: Have you used it with Storyline & what for?

Hey peeps, 

We're going to have a short session about using Javascript with Storyline at our Toronto event this week (community member Kristian Chartier will be delivering it!).

In that vein, I was hoping some community members might share insights into if and how they have extended Storyline's use with Javascript in the past. Just looking for a list of potential reasons one would use JS! Thanks for sharing!


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Kristin Anthony

Howdy Daniel!

I detail my process in this blog post:

At the time, I used this jQuery plugin:

And the actual code to execute was put on a button:

$.scrollTo({top:'someNumpx', left:'someNumpx'}, speedInMilliseconds);
Hannah Graham

Hi everyone, 

I have used Javascript code to create a stopwatch that appears in the top left corner of the player. On the last slide of the course, I want to reference the time that appears on the stop watch to show the user how long they took. Is this possible? I can't work it out. 

Code that I used is attached.