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Jul 25, 2017

Hi all,

I have an opportunity to update my job title and I'm not sure what direction to go in. My current title is Online Learning Coordinator and Developer and I feel like this captures my role nicely. I mostly develop, but am also involved in the analysis and planning of online training programs. I proposed just adding Senior to my current title. My boss suggested a change to Senior Learning Specialist. A part of me feels like I'd be taking a step back losing the coordinator title, but after doing some research I realized that specialists do much of the same type of work. Is there is a hierarchical difference between the two in the industry? Is one viewed more favourably than the other? Is coordinator > specialist or vice versa? Are there any other suggestions?

I have actively avoided getting involved in title semantics, but I'd like to choose something that signals a promotion/growth. I think I achieve this in adding Senior to my title. I'm trying to be forward thinking and I want to select a title that will best position me for future opportunities within the company.

What do you think? Any advice would be appreciated. 




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Tom Kuhlmann

Do you do just e-learning or extend outside of e-learning?

Some additional titles come to mind:

  • Sr E-Learning Developer
  • Sr Training Specialist
  • Sr Instructional Designer
  • Sr Learning Design Specialist (Learning Design seems to be a title that a lot of people are shifting towards).

Having a title not limited to e-learning is advantageous down the road. 

Also, coordinator seems to be a sub-level position so I'd work to ditch it. :)

Jaki Houston-Campbell



This is a very interesting post, and one that is difficult to advise on, as there are so many variants of job titles for doing the same role. This time last year when I was job hunting i had to put many different searches to find similar jobs. However I did manage to secure a role and with a job title i think works well : Learning Technologies and Information Manager - would this work for you?

Bill Harnage

Look down the road at your next potential job; you want to show growth in responsibility and work. Adding Senior to your title sounds like your next natural move "up the ladder." If you could get Manager all the better.

I agree with David Goodwin and Nancy Woinoski in that you've probably out grown the Coordinator title and the shorter the better. The description is where you'll define your responsibilities on your resume.

Personally, I loathe "Specialist" as it really pigeonholes you into a role/title.

Designer and Developer can be interchanged as each can do the other. A lot of people still think of Designer as visual and Developer as the back end/code side.  But products like SL and Captivate have allowed the lines to be blurred.

Just my .02, Senior Learning Developer would cover much of the spectrum.

Jerry Fernandez

Lots of good suggestions in here. I'll echo Tom and David's advice, ditch specialist and consider the "Sr. Instructional Designer."  Not sure what your career trajectory is, but search LinkedIn for key words that align with what you do and/or where you want to be in five years, and see what popular job titles come up.  "Sr. Instructional Designer" is definitely a popular job title, but I've also seen "Multimedia Specialist" Multimedia Producer/developer, and other variants. You'll probably get some results up that perhaps you wouldn't have considered.  Good luck!

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