Jump from one slide directly to a layer of an other slide

Jul 01, 2022

Hi there!

in my e-learning I have one “menu”-slide from where the learner jumps into the various content slides and after every content slide jumps back to the menu slide.

Every time the learner goes back to the menu slide I want them to listen to a different audio-file.

Can I work with layers here? And can I e.g. jump from a content slide directly to one of the layers I created in the “menu-slide”?

thanks a lot!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Melanie

yes you can using variables and triggers,

On each content slide 

Create a true/false variable. Set a trigger to change the variable to true when the user clicks the button that returns them to the menu slide.

On the menu slide

Set a trigger to show layer x when timeline starts on the menu slide on condition variable x is = true


Attached is a very rough example that may help you

ANNE Learning

I would not use a true/false variable here. If you have multiple layers, and you need to play a different audio file each time, I'd use a text variable. Simply adjust the text variable to whatever you need each time a user visits that specific slide or layer. Then, on revisiting your main menu, set a trigger that plays a specific audio file if your variable equals whatever-it-needs-to-equal. Remember to set the slide to return to initial state ;-)

Melanie Fürst

Thank you very much for your Reply, Wendy! I'm afraid it doesn't work the way you described it. It's still the base layer which I see everytime and it doesn't change the layer.

Do you have any idea what I could have done wrong?
Unfortunately I can't open the SL-file you sent me, since I only use Storyline 3. Is there a way you could help me with a Storyline 3- compatible versione?

ANNE Learning

Here is what I think you should do:

  1. Create a variable called playAudio
  2. Set your menu slide to "Reset to initial state"
  3. Place all your audio files that you need to be played on the base slide of the menu slide
  4. On each of the various content slide set a trigger that adjust your variable to a specific text that mimics what that slide is about (i.e. compliance, quality, whatever)
  5. Once they return to your menu slide set up a trigger that plays the needed audio file based on the value of your variable. You should use "play audio when timeline starts if playAudio = compliance"

If you want to jump to a layer on your menu slide, simply add a trigger stating "Show layer when timeline starts if playAudio = compliance". Then place the corresponding audio file on that layer.

Hope this helps :-)


There are a few things you will need to do to make this work.

AS Michael suggested, use a variable to track where the user has been. You will likely need an additional T/F variable as Wendy suggested to track overall course progress:

  1. When the user clicks a menu item to open a different slide or module, set the variable you are using to the name of the slide or module.
  2. Set the menu slide's property to "Reset to Initial State".
  3. On your menu slide, include a trigger to "show layer X" at timeline start if your tracking variable is equal to "X". 

Note that since your menu slide is starting over each time to fire your triggers, you will use the T/F variables to rebuild the menu slide each time the user returns to it so that you can show progress by marking thins as complete. Something like "change state of topic Y" at timeline start if the topic y variable is = to True.

I hope this all makes sense. Happy to help further, just connect with me on LinkedIn and we can take a look together at your file.