Jumping to the next slide from a secondary layer

Hi all

I am trying to progress to the next slide by inserting a trigger for the user to go to the next slide when they clik 'next'; however:

  1. I can't insert the trigger directly (it won't save), &
  2. when I copy & paste a trigger from another slide it won't go to the very next slide.

What am I doing wrong?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kerry

can you upload the .story file. Might be easier to help you if we can see what's happening in your setup.

Update: I took a stab at what I think you're trying to do - see attached.

Scene has two slides. Slide 1 has a layer. Next button is disabled until the layer is viewed, then Next button turns to normal and you click it from the layer to go to Slide 2.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kerry

the Next button is a player button that transitions the user from slide to slide, it's not meant to be used for layers.  

I'd recommend you either:

  1. add a button to your slide that the user clicks to show the layer and then do the triggers I have above or (see 3.4 - I added a hostpot to the image bottom of screen)
  2. create the layer content onto slides so you can use the Next button as its intended  - I've updated 2.4 layer to be slide 2.5 so you can see what I mean.

Hope this helps