Keeping Track of Courses

Mar 12, 2019

Hello Articulate Community,

I have a question that is not specifically related to Articulate, but this community is a great resource, so I'm asking! What do your companies use to organize, catalog, and inventory all of your eLearning courses? Right now, I am managing everything in an enormous Excel spreadsheet, but there has to be a better option. We keep track of the course titles, duration, audiences, course topics, whether is has video or not, whether it has audio or not, the SCORM format, etc. Anytime a topic changes, we search the excel spreadsheet to see what courses the change affects.

So many variables to keep track of! So are there any other better ways to manage this? What is your solution in...3...2...1! Go! :)


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Melanie Sobie

Good question! I’m looking into tracking similar information so we can have a record of the publish settings and content dates all in one place. Just started an inventory list in Excel. Course name, date published, SCORM version, publish format (flash/HTML5), completion method (quiz, number of slides, completion trigger), etc.  Would be interested in what others use to track and maintain. 

Mike DiFonzo


For every job I've had, I always create a MS Access Database where I keep track of my courses, changes made, when they are archived, built, updated, etc.

Access is much more robust than Excel. I don't track which courses have video, audio, duration but that's easy enough to add. Access allows you to create multiple reports utilizing queries and you can select the options such as scorm, audio, etc.

It would be nice if the LMS could run admin reports like this but most don't have that.


Karl Muller

We use Excel and basically track the same things Melanie mentioned. This master list is posted to our SharePoint site where all team members including management has access to it. As our course content constantly changes this file file is critical to keep track of versions and the status of each course. We know who last edited the course and when, what was changed, etc.

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