Tracking changes in elearning courses

Dec 05, 2017

I'm wondering if anyone has some great suggestions on how to track changes made in elearning courses.  Currently we have an excel sheet that keeps track of course title and creation date but I'm curious if anyone has anything better.  Also are you saving over the old version or saving a copy of the new course and moving the old file to an archive for a certain period of time.

Thank you!

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Allison Goldthorpe

Nope, it shouldn't be able to tell the difference. If anything, you could zip up the .story file. Box has a "upload a new version" option, which is great if your file has changed named or file types (like zipping or going from .ppt to .pptx). If the file name is still the same, you can just drag it on to the screen and it will know to add it as a new version to the existing file.

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