Laptop recommendations? Looking for a quiet laptop with good audio

Hi friends,

I'm recording my first course using Articulate. I have a HP Touchsmart PC at work and a Blue Yeti mic...the recordings come out great. When I record at home (which I need to do), however, on my little Asus laptop using same mic, it sounds, well...yucky. 

I'm in the market for a new laptop; I wonder if anyone here records their narrations on a laptop with good audio (sound card) and a silent fan? Or if you know of a laptop as such? I would like to stick with a pc, but I'm pretty open otherwise.



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Robert Kennedy

When you say "yucky" what do you mean?  Is the recording environment the same at home and at work?  Are you in an isolated room at work but at home in a large room where you might pickup all sorts of room noise?  The sound card does make somewhat of a difference but not usually enough to be great in one place and "yucky" in the next when using the same mic.

But I'm not an audio expert, so I could be wrong

Ren J

Haha- "yucky" was not very technical, I agree. The actually volume of the sound is lower and it is more tinny when I record at home versus when I record at work. Actually, my home environment is much quieter than my work environment. I'm in a small room at home, very quiet, I'm using the same Blue Yeti mic, and I have a portabooth  - The major variable that is different is the equipment (pc) I'm recording into at home versus work. At work my recording comes out better when I record into my HP Touchsmart 300 PC. At home I record into an Asus laptop (I don't have the model on me).  I've tried recording both with and without the portabooth at home, but I'm having the same issue. Thanks for your help.