launching another slide with same publish

Is there any way to launch another slide within the PPT besides slide 1 using another player.html file (i.e. launch1.html, launch2,html, etc.)  I don't want to break it up and publish separate prorgams.  I have a large training program with several modules and my client want to load one module in some instances using the same large published file.

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Simon Perkins

I'm not sure if I correctly understand what you're trying to do Rick, so here's my take on it:

How about you build and publish each module (I take it you're using Presenter?) as its own SCORM output then bundle them all together using into a single course using something like RELOAD Editor?

You could end up with something like this:

Course Title

  Module 1 (module_1.pptx)

  Module 2 (module_2.pptx)

  Module 3 (module_3.pptx)

  Module 4 (module_4.pptx)

Each module is a self-contained SCORM that reports to the LMS etc.  A decent LMS will also enable the learner to choose which module they want to launch instead of having to go through them in turn.

Does that help? 

Rick DiNobile

It does help as it provides me with a solution but I am not sure I quite understand it.  I have never used a reload editor before.  Also, I am not using an LMS with this publish.  We are simply putting it out on a LAN as a web publish.  So I could publish separate modules but when they complete a module within the larger construct, I take them out to an atrium where they can navigate around and click on another seminar door and go to another seminar.  So my goal is to try and pass some sort of parameter withih a hyperlink to take the learner to the same overall publish but deeper within it (i.e. when they click on a hyperlink on the web site to learn about one piece of subject matter I want to take them directly to that section within the larger publish / construct).