Left-right-left clicking sequence


I'm creating a driving course and I would like to have learners interactively "look" left, then right, then left again when approaching an intersection. I thought about having two hotspots, then having the learner click the two hotspots in the correct sequence, subsequently receiving feedback on if the sequence was correct.

Does anyone have ideas on how to accomplish it? Does it make sense what I'm trying to do? :)


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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached option and see if that works for you. I use a Pick-One freeform question with the two radio buttons that makes up the question being offstage. Based on variables that are set when clicking the two rectangles, I track the Left-Right_left sequence and set the offstage radio buttons.

Ray Cole

Another possibility: Maybe a rectangle shape over the whole slide, with solid fill and transparency set to 100%, near the bottom of the timeline stack (above any background image(s) but below all other buttons/controls, so those buttons/controls on top of it will still work). This invisible shape could be set up to respond to a left-click and right-click on the mouse to trigger the look-left/look-right actions. This would take the controls off the screen entirely and might seem more natural to the learner.