Rise fonts different in IE11 vs Edge

Apr 12, 2018

I'm testing this Rise course in two different browsers, IE11 (left) and Rise (right). 

Why does IE11 not display the correct font? I get the expected results in Rise and Chrome. 

font difference, IE11 vs Edge

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Mat! You're right — you shouldn't have to adjust your browser settings if you're using Chrome. Lato should consistently display on all computers, but it sounds like it's not working as expected.

Would you mind sending the course Share link to our team? We'd love to take a closer look at it from our side.

If that works for you, you can send it privately by opening a case. 

Crystal Horn

Hi, Silvia. Using Chrome 83 in both Mac and Windows, I'm able to see the Lato and Roboto fonts display in my test course as expected when using the Share link or exporting to web.

Ask your reviewers who are seeing the incorrect font what version of Chrome they're using, and if testing the course in an incognito window helps. If it does, there may be a browser plugin or something in the cache that is interfering with fonts.

We're happy to help as well. Click here to work through more troubleshooting with my team.

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