Legitimate Gamification/Game-Based Learning Certifications or Programs


    I wanted to know if anyone has any pointers for finding legitimate gamification/game-based learning certifications or programs.

    I'm reading Play to Learn by the fabulous Karl Kapp and Sharon Boller and would like to put my learning into practice with a little more guidance (i.e. a certification or BS/MS program). I know there are several Game Design programs (In fact, there's one in my neighborhood!), but I don't want to always go the college route. I think certifications pack just as much (if not more) punch when it comes to delivering focused, applicable skills.

     Any suggestions? Thanks! 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Heather,

If I'm understanding correctly, you'd like to take a certified training program on game-designed learning. Is that correct? Are you looking for something online or in-person? If you're looking for something in-person, what region do you live in? I don't have any advice on this, but this extra information may help others in the community jump in and give you tips.

David Goodman

Hi Heather - there are a few certification programs out there. I have a listing plus some other resources for this. I will post by later today or in the morning. Take a quick look at Octalys. This is the most complete and information data out there. Next are two gamers who have a Level 1 and a Level 2 cert depending upon your needs. Also, just look at the data produced by Bunchball. All of this will be within my next post. I would suggest that you think about what you really want - the design aspects, the psychology of gamers by gender/age, etc., the gaming ticks/tips/techniques etc.

Heather Vogt

Hello, David!

      Thanks for the response. I look forward to your post.

      I'm looking to learn as much as I can about gamification, game-based learning, serious games, simulations, the psychology of gamers, etc. I'm a gamer myself and love to design learning solutions, so marrying the two would be phenomenal.

     Based on my desire to know as much as possible, I'll probably just go the Game Design undergrad or grad route and follow that up with ID-specific gaming certifications. Again, I look forward to your post! Thanks! 

David Goodman

Heather - maybe a different POV - do the online certs - I have attached a link to some info on certifications. A college approach will take too long for you to get your hands on the subject and will not give you the experience of designing/developing with a community. Take a cert course, get your Level 1 then do an intern with a company. Once you have a few games under your belt, go back a get the Level 2 online cert then you can get a FT job doing what you love. The attached PPT is a greatly reduced presentation that has some of the psychology issues, demographics research, design issues and a few certification on the last screen. Hope this helps you.

Heather Vogt


      Thanks again for your response. Based on my research a lot of the Game Design programs associated with a university or college focus strongly on working with peers to design a game, so I think I would get experience designing/developing with a community. 

       And I don't know how someone would juggle an internship while also working full-time and having little ones at home. I'd like that type of experience but can't imagine how I'd juggle that (and my sanity). 

       I appreciate the PPT and look forward to checking it out! Thanks again!