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Jun 04, 2020

Hi all,

Apologies if this link has been provided before elsewhere in the forums.

I came across this calculator for estimating the time required to develop elearning and I thought others might find it useful.

I'm using it to help me create timelines for a project I'm working on involving several separate modules of varying complexity. I'd be very interested to hear if anybody else in the forum has used this tool (or a similar tool) and how accurate (or accurate-ish is probably the best we can hope for really!) they found the estimates.

Thanks all,


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Bryan Jones

Hi Michelle - Thanks for posting about our calculator. 

I'm happy to do a call with you to go over the thought process for how we built it. I'll send you a link to my calendar and we can do a Zoom. Then I can share the take-aways of our discussion and improve the calculator and supporting article. 

Basically there are 2 parts to the calculator and inputs. 
1- interactivity and design time ratios (how long it takes to develop a course of a certain length). These are based on the Chapman Alliance 
2- Estimating course length. This is based on my team's experience and rules of thumb for estimating how long a course will be, based on the types of inputs you often get on project. It was a pretty fun exercise, actually! 

I look forward to speaking soon! 


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