Linking scenarios with individual performance using e-learning?

May 09, 2012

Hello all,

I've been reading through the blog posts and viewing tutorials on scenario-building, looking to see if I could find the answer to my question. I've learned a lot of helpful things about scenario-building, but I am still looking for experience out there with challenging learners to apply content to their jobs.

What I want to do is build an e-course as a capstone course in a series of five.  This capstone course will review core content discussed in the previous courses, then have the learner choose from one of 4-5 scenarios they might encounter in our organization.  They will have to make decisions on what to do based on the core content they were exposed to in the previous courses.  This is a performance or behavior change course.

I want to end the course with a challenge to the learner, after having gone through the scenarios exercises, on how to apply the content to their particular job in the organization.  How will they use the core content within the context of their own work? 

Has anyone built a course with this premise, particularly the end piece, using Articulate products?  I'd be very curious to hear from you and learn from your experiences.

Thank you, Barbara

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Barbara Pando-Behnke

As an addition, the content I am talking about is more along the lines of organizational core values and guiding principles.  They're not tactical, as in "how to do 'x' on your computer", but rather, "how can you use this material in decision-making when it comes to your job".  So the idea is to get people to think about how to directly apply these core values, concepts and principles within the context of their own jobs.  Thanks again!

Barbara Pando-Behnke

The course itself will be an e-learning course.  I am planning to have follow on, voluntary on-line facilitated sessions with participants as a part of the evaluation process.  I may very well follow up with them at that point about how they have integrated these concepts into their work. 

But I was trying to brainstorm/ see if there was some way to do this in the self-directed course portion. 

Natalia Mueller

I have created several scenarios with articulate/powerpoint. It's one of my favorite things about the tools. When you say you want 5 courses with a scenario-based capstone, do you mean each course will cover a topic and end with a scenario to foster critical thinking about that topic 


4 courses covering various topics with the last course of the series being scenario-based and incorporating all key concepts from the whole series?

Either way is completely doable and a great idea for getting employees to think about how core values can be applied in their daily responsibilities versus the typical compliance blow-off kind of course.

As far as how to execute the course, there is a wide range of complexity levels to choose from. In my experience, most of it can be done in articulate. I've only come up again a couple limitations but I was able to work around them.

I'll see if I can drum up some examples for you. They won't match your topic necessarily but you can see some different layout ideas

Natalia Mueller

OK, here are some examples for you. The topics won't all match but they all include scenarios that could at least give you some ideas of the different ways you can make them using articulate.


The scenario portion to this one starts a few slides in



This one is made in Articulate Storyline (not studio) but itcould be done in some fashion in Studio.


The best scenarios I’ve ever participated in were ones thathad very realistic options. Lines tend to blur in real life and that’s whereemployees can unintentionally get into trouble with compliance expectations. Itry to steer clear of any options or examples that could make an employee rollhis eyes. That can actually be tricky to do when you are working with somethinga little more abstract like values and try to apply them to something specificin the job role.


This one is a great example of realistic challenges that canpop up at work. Here is the article I found it in (great read, btw).

Part 1

Part 2



This one is a good example how you can create a situationand then give the learner resources to find the answers themselves



This is not on topic but shows another way to usearticulate for scenarios



If you would like to see more examples of elearningcreated with Articulate products, here is community showcase


I hope some of this is helpful! If you need any specifics around the actual construction of scenarios, let us know. There are tons of folks here who can help with that.


Holly MacDonald


I think these types of blended courses give you lots of opportunity to provide rich learning experience and meaningful feedback.

I really love the idea of interactive video, where you have a film clip and then a variety of endings. Tom or David probably have examples to share. Probably easier in Storyline now, but could be done in quizmaker too.

Check out what Ray Jimenez has done on his site: this example doesn't use video, but has a good effect:

I also really like this one:

Do these help you?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx, all for the input. Didn't have time to check everything out, but was really pulled in by this one:

And interestingly, it wasn't fancy or flashy, no video. But it made me stop and think. I liked that I didn't have to look at the resources if I didn't want to, even after making mistakes...I could  just keep "having another go" (which is how I knew it wasn't a US production.... We'd be saying something  like "try again").

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