Linking to a slide from a lightbox

Aug 09, 2016

I created a branching course that has an overarching "menu" which is lightboxed when a user clicks. It lives where the Resources are by default.

However, from that lightboxed slide - all other slides that are linked from the menu are opened in the lightbox, which is not desired.

Is there a way to make a button close the lightbox and jump to slide intended?

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Carlene Barton

HI Nancy I cant take credit for the template unfortunately. 

To make it:

1. The following JavaScript is trigger from a hotspot over the 'Print or email' text. 

var"ideas.html", "Generating ideas", "status=0,scrollbars=0,width=920,height=820",resizable=1);

2.  This JS opens a new browser window and a html page named ideas.html.  The web page contains an image I've made to replicate the grid on the slide. Also Some JS to pull that values of the slide variables through to the webpage.  


var player=window.opener.GetPlayer();
var topic=player.GetVar("topic").replace(/(\r\n|\r|\n)/g, '<br/>');
var academic=player.GetVar("academic").replace(/(\r\n|\r|\n)/g, '<br/>');
var overlap=player.GetVar("overlap").replace(/(\r\n|\r|\n)/g, '<br/>');

document.write("<div class='result' id='first'>"+topic+"</div><div class='result' id='second'>"+academic+"</div><div class='result' id='third'>"+overlap+"</div>");
//set vairables and what they will include for the email to self
var subject = ('My ideas');
var body = escape('My Learning Essentials, Choosing your dissertation topic\n'+
'\nWhich modules/ assignments have interested you the most?\n\n'+ topic +
'\n\nWhat academic expertise do you have in your faculty?\n\n'+ academic +
'\n\nWhich topics overlap?\n\n'+ overlap);

3. I then used CSS to move the text variable values around the page so that sat correctly over the top of the image appearing to sit inside the boxes. 


4. I added some more JS at the end of the above script to email the learner. The email is not the actual webpage but the text and headings from the grid.  The below script opens a blank email in the users default email client when the user clicks 'Click here to send yourself a copy'

//mailto: is the send email from default client fucntion
document.write('<a href="mailto:' +
'?subject=' +subject+
'&body=' +body+
'">' + '<img src="click.jpg" alt="Click here to email yourself a copy." border="0">' + '<'+'/a>');

5. The html document and image i placed in the storyline folder on the server after publishing. 

To view the full html and JS click here and then add viewsource: in front of the URL. 


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