LIVE online animation creation

Dec 24, 2020

As i use Greensocks Animation Engine ( GSAP ) all the time for my animations, whether directly on webpages or in any given rapid authoring tool i am always on the look for tips and tricks ( and tools ) to improve the workflow on creating animations. I donot think its hard to animate with code and GSAP but i know most designers do.

Well there is some bright light at the end of the dark code tunnel ;-)

Spirit is a combination of a animation tool and webkit that enables you to directly and visually animate all of your webpage elements online. As for now it is still only for Mac i cannot test it :-( But the great news is they announced version 2.0 which will have some great improvements and be compatible with PC.

The big plus of Spirit is that the output is using GSAP too. So the moment Spirit2.0 arrives, im gonna test the combination of Spirit, GSAP and Storyline /Rise. Hoping i can create courses and add animations LIVE and visually.

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Math Notermans

Just ask when you need help. With GSAP you can create top-notch motion directly in Storyline. I am planning to create some samples to show that. Also have plans on getting a live animation setup working in Storyline. So users can visually edit elements in Storyline as in AfterEffects and create motion with it.