Does anyone know of resources that compares LMS's their functionalities and cost. We are in the process of looking at the best LMS we can use to deliver Leadership Programs in a blended approach. Costs, functionalities, and ease of integration to existing HR systems are major considerations.

Looking  for research based papers that may be able to give me these insights or for someone to share their knowledge  of LMS platforms, features and price ranges for each.

Also, if you've implemented an LMS, what do you think are the common pitfalls that someone new to this should be aware of?

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Dimitri Roman
Holly MacDonald

Although I haven't tried either, you might want to check out Craig Weiss' stuff as well: http://www.elearning247.co/consumer-services.html He offers good insights and a reasonable consulting package.In his blog, he does provide pricing information on some: http://elearninfo247.com/ 

I have also found this site:http://lms.findthebest.com/, which looks like it could be a handy comparison tool. I'm not sure it displays cost for all vendors, but not sure.

Best of luck