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Quite an important question here, we are fairly new to Articulate, we have a client that wants to have grade-able quizzes of which they can retrieve results however they do not have an LMS. To my basic understanding you need to have a Learning Management System to do so or am I mistaken??? If so what is it that i'm looking for?


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Louise Ward


Having only worked with clients that want courses to be integrated into an existing LMS, I am under the impression that you cannot retrieve results without some sort of system, like an LMS, to which Articulate can pass back the quiz score.

To back my theory up, when Publishing a course, the only option that gives you the ability to set 'Recording' and 'Tracking' is the 'LMS' option or the 'Articulate Online' option.

If your client doesn't want the huge expense of an LMS, but wants a system that can track their scores, you may want to suggest 'Articulate Online', however I have never researched that side of things so I cannot give any further information regarding 'how to' or 'costs'.

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Elena Haidu

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What CMS does your customer use for his site management? As for open source Joomla CMS you can create grade-able quizzes without having a LMS. You will need an appropriate extension only. They have a number of extensions for this purpose - http://extensions.joomla.org/search?q=quiz

Kelly Meeker

Another option for a "free" LMS would be Moodle, which enables you to upload SCORM content like Articulate courses.

Alternatively, if using any kind of LMS is out of the question, you could create courses in Articulate (and play them in any number of open formats) and then use something like Google Docs to share the quizzes. Just a possible work-around!