LMS Suggestions?

Nov 05, 2012

I have been asked to develop a course for a client.  The course is mostly Powerpoint based, but the client wants to include an animated avatar like the one found at Noahx.com.  He originally wanted to use Mindflash but I don't think Mindflash is advanced enough to support an animated avatar (somebody correct me if you know otherwise).  So does anyone have a suggestion for an LMS to host this type of course?  Articulate Online, or other options?

Thanks in advance for any ideas. 

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Katie L.

Sorry, I'm sure I'm just not explaining this very well.  I've been on the phone all morning and apparently my multi-tasking skills are letting me down.  LOL 

The client originally wanted me to create a static PPT and upload it to the Mindflash LMS (which accepts PPT, Word, pdf, or video files...no Articulate or embedded Flash video files).  Now he wants to include an animated avatar, so we are on to plan B...we've kicked Mindflash to the curb and are using Articulate with Flash video files, and will publish it to either Articulate Online or another LMS.  Since I was halfway into this project before I was surprised by the fact that Mindflash doesn't support Flash files, I just don't want to be surprised again, and am thus looking for recommendations for LMS's that *for sure* support .swf.  I assume most of them do, but then again I assumed Mindflash did, and look where that got me.

Bob S

Hi Katie,

You are right in assuming that most true LMS's at this point support Flash. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to think of one that didn't.

However please note my use of the word "true" LMS. There are still a fair number of psuedo-LMS solutions out there; mostly in the specialized content world. For example... a training company that specializes in financial training content but also offers an "LMS" to host their or your content.

Just look for full SCORM compliance and typically you will be fine. (Yes I know SCORM has nothing to do with Flash, but it's generally the mark of a true LMS).

The bigger issue you are going to face is on the learner side... do you want to deploy to tablets? or Iphones? If so, go with an authoring tool like Storyline that will take that content and publish it in alternate formats for you automatically.

Hope this helps,


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