LMS Suggestions for our needs?

Jul 20, 2012

Hello. I am hoping I can get some LMS suggestions based on my company's needs.

We provide Continuing Education for insurance professionals in several jurisdictions. It is all tightly regulated with different requirements in each of those jurisdictions. For many years we have been using Mindflash. Maybe someone is familiar with that? Anyway, they have stopped moving forward and we are growing beyond their capabilities. They do not, and have no plans to, support SCORM files so the quality of the learning material is limited to Word documents and some very basic Power Point. We wasted a lot of time going to Trivantis and trying out Lectora and CourseMill. CourseMill was a joke and Lectora was too complicated. We moved to Absorb Anywhere as an LMS and the Articulate Presenter Package as our authoring tool. I am loving Articulate. However, we have never been able to get out of the gate with Absorb due to a variety of issues.

Here are some things that are must-haves for us:

- SCORM compliance

- Easy and effective management of hundreds to potentially thousands of students in multiple jurisdictions

- Ability to host up to 50 different courses for up to 10 more more jurisdictions (with good organization for all of this)

- Ability to somehow, whether with Articulate or the LMS, generate an affidavit for both the student and a proctor for the final exams

- Customizable certificates

- Reporting and notifications so that we can be notified when learners have completed their courses so that we can report their CE's to the regulatory bodies

- E-Commerce as we do sell these courses.

Any ideas??

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Steve Flowers

LMS is a really "organization personal" selection based on many factors.

Based on what you're describing in your must-haves, it sounds like the LMS we're using might be worth checking out. We've been using a system called Inquisiq for the past 9 years or so. It was initially acquired because it was cheap and functional enough to get us started. We had planned on upgrading to a beefier system but the stars never aligned. It's a pretty remarkable system for the price and handles most, if not all, of the features you've listed. I'm not sure about notifications as we've never used anything like that. They offer an instant demo that you can turn on and play with yourself, no need to contact a representative for a demonstration. They also customize the system at a reasonable cost. 

To be honest, I've used many of the larger systems considered "market leaders". I have strong negative feelings for most of them.  

You might also check out Litmos. It's a smaller offering but as a new entry to the marketplace it seems to be doing pretty well.

April Hilbert

Thanks so much for the response, Steve. I've taken a cursory look at Inquisiq and I am definitely intrigued. I'll be signing up for the free trial on Monday. I totally get you on the "market leaders." They try to make things so fancy that the simplest things become the most difficult and maddening! That's one of the great things about our current platform... the functionality for the admins and the users is SO simple yet robust, they just lack the ability to make interactive courses since they don't support SCORM.

In the meantime, I welcome any other suggestions!

Peter Zimak

Hello April,

I have used Docebo (www.docebo.com) for most of the activities you have mentioned. We have about 1000 users divided in categories, and large number of courses - all of them are at scorm standard; we use articulate as authoring tool, but not exclusively.

We have also done some customized certificates and we have scheduled report. I found everything easy to use. I know that you can sell course...but I don't use this feature. Maybe you can ask for a demo or start with the free trial ?

Hope it helps



Ulises Musseb

I echo what some have mentioned about shopping and making an organization-specific decision about your learning needs.

I also want to add that implementing and administering a LMS with all the bells and whistles necessary to enroll/assign, document, create and manage curricula, certification programs and report on completion, not only you need a robust LMS, but most importantly, dedicated staff to manage it.

From your post I get that your organization LMS needs are growing organically, and the same way that your organization is outgrowing the current solution, so might be the case of the resources dedicated to implement and maintain a new LMS.

I have experience with Moodle, SumTotal and Saba. They all have capabilities of managing many of the required tasks to enroll, assign, deliver and document completion of different types of educational programs, as well as capabilities for growth.

However, all of them require dedicated staff to maintain them running and up-to-date, and able to perform tasks, such as creation of classes, courses, learning plans, curricula, certification programs, assign courses, set automatic reassignment of courses (for courses that expire), troubleshoot, and run reports.

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