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Dec 04, 2015

Hi all,
I'm researching LMS models for a company based e-learning portal. Am looking at WP, Joomla and Drupal as possible solutions.

The project is to set up a system that teaches and tests two different types of user.

User 1 (sales personnel) would get access to content A (simplified content)
User 2 (Engineers) would get access to content B (complex content)

This model therefore needs a user database to define the two different users, as well as a login screen that hooks the right user to the right content - ie. User 1 inputs their login which takes them only to Content A pages, User 2 only gets to view Content B pages.

Anyone know of a theme and/or plugin that allows differentiation of users to content?




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Christy Tucker

I agree with Phil that these are CMSs, not LMSs. The LMS plugins might be enough for you, but make sure you've really considered your needs in both the short term and the long term. These plugins can be sufficient for organizations with minimal needs and a small amount of training, but they may not actually do everything you need.

Look at LearnDash and WP Courseware on the WP side. Both of those are LMS-light options.

Chris Lema writes great reviews of WP plugins, and he's done multiple posts on the elearning options. Here's a comparison of the two WP plugins I mentioned above. I recommend reading his other posts on the other options like Sensei too, so you have a better picture of what's available.


Ilona Hetsevich

Hello Gary,
The idea you’ve described is easily realized in Joomla! and JoomlaLMS.
To show different content to the users you simply assign them to 2 groups and define what menu items and courses they can access. When a user logins a system automatically redirects him to the page you’ve indicated. No additional plugins or customization is required.

Angela Love-Zaranka

Yea we use JoomlaLMS for over 100 lessons with more then 1000 students. You can enroll students in one single lesson, 4 lessons or in a large course with 40 lessons and define how you want certificates to work (each lesson or after an entire course). We use groups to define what certain students are given as well. It is pretty flexible and they keep coming up with ways to make it easier on us with every update. I'm not sure why someone said JoomlaLMS would not work for what the OP wants to do.  Thus far we have not found any big issues that would steer us away from continuing to use Joomla. There are some minor inconveniences but overall it is a good LMS.

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