Looking for a simple tool to manage a project online with a vendor



I'm looking for a tool that will allow managing the project's tasks and progress on many units - online. Will be used with a vendor, and it can't be Google Drive. 

Mainly need a dashboard that shows the different tasks, their progress, who should be doing the next step and what is that step. 
Any ideas? If free even better. 


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Christy Tucker

Tracy's list is a great resource and definitely worth checking out.

If you want a more traditional project plan with a Gantt chart, I've been using the Project Sheet add on for Google Sheets. The basic version is free, but if you want resource management there's a small fee (I think $15/year).


Efrat Maor

Thank you all!

I know Trello, but it is not adequate for this projects. 
Smartsheets looks really promising, and it seems that one of the vendors uses it; thanks, Phil. 
Avaza also looks promising (I do not need the billing part, but still looks good). 

Will dig into Tracy's list. 

Christy, I can't use anything that requires Google Drive (Google Sheets included) - cause it is blocked here. 

Jerson  Campos

Hi Efrat,

I've been looking for the same features. After some digging around I settled on trying out Asana+Instagantt.

Asana is free and so is Instagantt up to 3 projects.  With Asana, you can organize your tasks by lists or by boards like Trello. Each task can have it's own task and assignee, instructions and due dates.  Instagantt is what sold me though. When it comes to dates, I need to have a visual representation. Instagantt allows you to interactively create timelines by clicking in the date fields and setting dependencies. When you adjust the timeline it automatically adjusts any dependencies.  You can invite collaborators, but you can also share the timeline by exporting it as an image or a PDF.  I'm working on a 4 module course currently and being able to easily manipulate the timeline has been a tremendous help.

Other options I've looked at:

Wrike: Similar to basecamp with a few Trello features. It's free with the standard features, but if you want a timeline you'll have to pay. It wasn't cost prohibitive for me so I looked elsewhere.

Trello: You can also add Instagantt as a powerup card and have the same features. I wanted the option to create tasks by list and phases so I went with Asana instead.

Smartsheets: I've used smartsheets before when I worked for a previous company and I really liked it. Unfortunately I think it is more suited for large team and it was above what I wanted to pay.  



Efrat Maor

Thanks Eric and Jerson, 
Actually, this is not such a small project. It has a few dozen elearnings, so there will be a few employees from both the vendor side and our side involved. 

It sounds like Smartsheets is a good match. 
Also looking into Office 356 Planner (which we have access to, we found), although not sure I can add participants from outside of the company to it... 

Thanks again.