Looking for a Wicked-Smart Articulate Developer (or firm)

We're wanting to convert some otherwise bland PowerPoint slides used for classroom learning into engaging and interactive training accessible online. The audience is physicians and the training is on clinical documentation. Ideally, we'd find someone with experience in healthcare, but much more important is having the serious skills in Articulate (full Studio), instructional design, illustration, and graphic design -- too much to ask?

The training would be approximately three (3) hours in length and combine slides, illustrations, photography, interactive elements, quizzes, and a narrator's audio track throughout. Then, the training would be duplicated and modified for more than 10 different specialties (cardiology, ENT, orthopaedics, etc.) with some sections being duplicated exactly and others being modified (different audio track, slides, imagery, illustrations, etc.).

Is such a person or firm to be found?

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Colin Whitworth

Your quest could be over. I have been planning, writing and building online training for a decade, and mostly for a medical software company. I created training for the physicians, nurses and staff who used our company's practice management, EHR and business analytics programs. 

Check out my online portfolio: colinwhitworth.com. There are a lot of examples of the lessons I wrote and built.

I know Articulate Studio, but honestly I've done the vast bulk of my work in Flash and Captivate. I can design timeline animations for conceptual topics, create software simulations, and write and build assessments. I can edit audio and video, design graphics and write. I have been a professional writer for 26 years, and a technical writer for 10. 

I left the medical software industry when I moved to Toronto, where I now work as a freelance e-learning producer working for various corporate and non-profit clients. I am set up to use both the Adobe e-Learning Suite and Articulate Studio, and I have a close colleague who is a professional voice talent, and she can be heard on many of the samples in my portfolio.

Feel free to contact me via email if you would like to discuss this. All of my contact information is on my site.

Gertrude Mandeville

Hi Bevan: I believe that we may be able to help you -- that is my family owned elearning production company -- located in New England. We have the Articulate expertise combined with healthcare background, graphics design as well as audio production services. As the owner and chief instructional designer with over 10 years experience with Articulate, I also happen to be a forner nurse (well not former...still have a license) who has developed courseware for all types of healthcare professionals including physicians. If you are interested in more information, please contact me by email: trudy@tcplearning.com. I can provide samples of work that we have done (most recently for a hospital system) as well as provide a quote for the work. Please note that I am traveling to a client site tomorrow and will not have access to email. I will reply tomorro evening when I return. I look forward to discussing this opportunity.

Venkatesh V

Hi Bevan,

We can help you with your requirements. We have completed many large scale projects similar to your kind and have rich resource and knowledge in delivering you with the quality output on time.

I'm glad to provide our recent samples and references upon your reply to mvssoftech@gmail.com

Look forward to working with you.

Best regards,


MVS Softech Private Limited


bevan erickson

Thanks for the responses everyone. Please PM me with links to your website or work samples -- ideally MODERN looking work. I'm seeing examples where the developer clearly knows how to manipulate articulate, but the designs take me back to 1990 websites -- huge beveled buttons with harsh gradients, clashing colors, cheap stock photography that doesn't have any consistency from one slide to the next, etc. This is specifically why I'd prefer a firm that can do it all (or a super-developer that has an graphic design background and got into elearning development and instructional design).

Again, thanks for the PMs (with work samples).

Ashish Saini

Hi Bevan,

I am working with a e-Learning India based company. We have a very good experience in producing e-Learning courses. Currently we are working for Philips, creating Articulate based courses. Our organization is India's fastest growing comapny marked 7th by Deloitte.

For further clarification or knowing us in detail, you can contact me or visit our website: