Looking for an eLearning creation partner

Nov 10, 2020

I recently released a new business book that I want to convert into eLearning. My current thinking on a first step is to create a 15-25 minute animated eLearning module (our brand already uses images of people icons that seem like a good foundation for animation).

If you are an eLearning or animated video creator who might be able to help me with this project, please respond.

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Ray Cole

I am not available to help you with this project, but...

I think a better use of e-learning in this situation would be to create some simulated business situations that the learner must solve using the techniques he or she learns from your book. In other words, don't replicate the same information from the book in the e-learning, but instead create e-learning that gives learners a chance to practice the skills they learn from the book. The e-learning can then provide coaching and advice in response to how learners perform in the simulated scenarios and can provide pointers back into the relevant sections of the book if learners performance indicates that they would benefit from reviewing that specific material.

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