Looking for eLearning Content Developers (Contract Position)

Feb 20, 2013

My name is Steven Ellis. I'm the Manager of eLearning Production at Atomic Learning. I'm currently seeking individuals to develop eLearning content on a contract basis to supplement our current, in-house development team.

Our contract developers are often people who have jobs in related fields and who work with us as a way to supplement their income and share their expertise with a worldwide audience.

Contract developers receive insight into our tutorial presentation style, production methods/tools, and compression methods/tools/standards. After initial guidance, the new developer will create a title outline for the project they're assigned, followed by creating the first movie in the outline, which will be evaluated and feedback given. Once the stylistic and technical issues are worked out, the developer will be ready to tackle the remaining titles in the outline.
Here's some additional background related to the type of work contractors help with most often:



Once a specific series is identified, the first step for the developer is to create a title outline for the proposed movie series. The outline is really a title list, organized in sections, like the tutorial pages on our site. We generally don’t require scripts upfront. We agree on the timeline for the series completion and a contract is issued. Help, feedback, and advice is provided throughout the contract period. Payment is on a per-movie basis, with additional compensation for providing (optional) a transcript of each movie’s narration and database entry. Developers provide their own computer, recording software, and microphone. Software that is used as the training subject matter, if not already owned by the contract developer, will be loaned at no charge. The development period is agreed upon and will vary to meet the needs of the developer and Atomic Learning.



Tech Integration Projects are example technology projects that can be used by teachers with students or by trainers as staff development exercises. You may be able to adapt a project you have previously helped facilitate in a live teaching situation. Tech Integration Projects contain elements of traditional lesson plans, but also contain movies and resources that show how to create an example knowledge product, such as a slideshow, chart, database, etc., step by step. Compensation is at a fixed rate for developing the textual lesson information and on a per movie basis for the step-by-step movies.



Workshops are a little more loosely-defined than tutorial series or Tech Integration Projects. They generally focus on a set of specific skills within an application, or show how to use a combination of applications for a specific purpose. Workshops might also demonstrate a concept, but they always contain movies that show how to use software relevant to that concept. Current offerings can be found here:




Some developers have experience to share, but do not actually create content for Atomic Learning in the form of tutorials; rather, they work alongside our content developers as Subject Matter Experts, providing their insight on industry topics and software/hardware. Subject Matter Experts may create some content development artifacts, such as outlines and scripts, and provide other services like reviewing the rough cut tutorials for accuracy, but they do not create the final tutorials themselves. This is a small segment of our overall contract development engagements; most contractors develop full tutorials.



I know we have a definite need for the first category: TUTORIAL SERIES DEVELOPMENT. I invite you to check out our Web site and listen to a few tutorials to get a sense of what the final product might look like. Here's a link to most of our training library - click on any of the browse results to navigate to the training page. The first movie, or two, are generally free:




Here's a list of our immediate needs - perhaps some of these may work for you:

Adobe Creative Suite Applications
Apple iLife & iWork Applications
Assistive Technology Applications
Autodesk Applications
Cloud-Based Applications
Comic Life
Creative Commons
FileMaker Pro
Google (Drive, Hangout, +, Sites, etc.)
Image Editing Software
Microsoft Office Applications
Screen Capture Tools
Social Networking Sites
Statistical Programming
Web Browsers
Web/Programming Languages

If you are interested, please contact me directly and we can go from there.


Steven Ellis
Manager of eLearning Production
Atomic Learning

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William McCauley


Currently I am what is termed an eLearning Architect. I'm nearing retirement age, but I really do enjoy building video based learning stories. I have my own production and post production suite in both Mac and PC. Including High def cameras, lights, sound,  the best encoding and compression software and really much more.  I have been developing and deploying eLearning Solutions since the mid 80's. Customers like DoD, CSX, Home Depot, to name a few. I have 4 of the major authoring platforms, Lectora, Camtasia, Storyline and Articulate. I did look at the opening file for Premier 6.0 and I think your recording quality is a bit soft. I can help with that.... I write, design, produce and author eLearning solutions and have a working knowledge of HTML 5.

I can do what you need. I'm even an expert in a few things...

You can go to my web site if you like.


Hope to hear from you.

William McCauley


Anirudh Rohit

Hello Steven....

I represent for Exemplarr Worldwide, an accomplished ePublishing and eLearning organisation that has successfully developed and provided eLearning content to various industries. We specialise in the development, customisation and conversion of eLearning content. Our Product testing is AICC or SCORM compliant as well.

I see you also have an LMS requirement. We also have an easy and intuitive LMS and  we also work with MOODLE...

You should visit our website www.exemplarr.com and see all our other services as well... I look forward to hearing from you, mail me at anirudh@exemplarr.com and I shall revert to you with our samples and mails immediately.

Best wishes


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