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Ryan DeWitt

Hi Nabil,

PHD research methodologies haven't changed much however eLearning is rapidly changing and much of the information out there my opinion is dated. I suggest you create your own data by using Survey Monkey, interviewing IDs and Devs with questionnaires, over the phone/ Skype, and creating an example course yourself to completley understand the many requirements and LMS constraints that go into making and engaging useful course with measurable learning objectives.  Accessibility, Mobile, Touch Design, Gamification are all hot topics. Good luck! 

Nabil Nabil

Welcome back guys :)

Laurel Schulert,

Thanks for replying, in fact I have not enrolled in any PhD program yet. But I am planning before I go :).


Ryan , 

Thanks for replying too. In fact, I am thinking about the Accessibility, specially for disabled people in my country, I think in somehow this could help...


Once again thanks guys for advising me ......