Looking for your opinion on a graphic

Dec 29, 2011

Can you please take a look at the following graphic and let know what you think it is and do you like it?Also any ideas to improve it are much appreciated.

By the way it is built in PPT and i would prefer to not use other graphic programs.

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Phil Mayor

Thought it was a snowboard, can see what you are trying to do now, colour and a light source would hlp, also rounded corners and more detail (mirrors, exhausts), build it really large in ppt, the group and shrink, the shapes are vecotr so will shrink nicely, also rounded corners will look better look at the red truck in Davids picture

Dawn Mahoney

Maybe cuz I know what you do, I think it looks like a really big semi tractor & trailer. I think shading & highlights would help. Add dimension. This will help with direction and orientation (my humble opinion). In other words, same shape but with shadows and highlights flipped, could be the semi backing up vs. going forward. See what I mean, jelly bean?

Tony Jameson

I'm not massively au fait with image and general artwork, my colleague knocks up our stuff on photoshop -see the company images and incons on our site Sportsbook Guardian  (icon of Bet365) , these are done using Photoshop.

In regard your image - I think it looks really good, perhaps a different colour to black may suit, and the only small cosmetic suggestion would be to change the bit between the truck and it's lorry as it appears to be connected by several bars.  Perhaps add some exhaust fumes? Looks good, and like the 3D.

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