Magazine Cutout Example

Dec 13, 2011

I was hoping to just add this example to an existing thread, but I couldn't seem to find one. Feel free to move, if it applies better somewhere else.

Anyway, I used a combination of tools for this course on office dress code, including David Anderson's tutorial on making magazine cutouts and Tom Kuhlmann's tutorial on filling shapes with textures

Thanks, as always, for the great ideas!

The course isn't complete yet, but here's a screen shot that hopefully gives you some more ideas for your own projects!

This was created entirely in PowerPoint except for the pictures of clothes, mirror frame, and avatar, which were stock photo purchases.


Dresser and floor--slightly transparent shapes filled with wood grain over shapes filled with dark brown

Mirror--shape filled with gradient

Buttons--Outlined in white with bevel shape effects

Home button--clip art, recolored in PPT

Baseboard--filled rectangles with bevel shape effects

Hangars--shapes with outlines only, 3D effects

Rod--shapes with bevel and shadow effects

Arrows--downloaded from this site! Thanks!

My final tip is to create a PPT solely for your design elements and then save the graphics as PNGs for use in your course. I've seen this tip in a number of tutorials (e.g., here), and it has been so helpful!

Thanks for letting me share!


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