Main Title Pages

Apr 01, 2014

Does anyone have creative ideas for a main title page? Many of my courses are focused on engineering & manufacturing. However, I am getting sick of the same old title page with the course title and a blank background! Anyone have some creative ideas they would be willing to share?

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Jerson  Campos

Whenever I can, I like to use elements of what I'm creating as part of the title. Right  now I'm building a module on fire extinguishers for a portfolio piece. For the main title I'm going to have some animated fire. The title are white letters on a solid red background (company logo). The background of the slides have a grungy look to it.

You said your industry is the manufacturing and engineering area. Why not make the main title look like blueprints or schematics.  But I suggest running a sketch by a SME to make sure you use any symbols correctly. 

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