Making a menu slide in and out on click

Hey Everybody,

I am breaking my head over this. I have a leftside navigation I want to use. Learners should be able to click on it to make it move left and click on it again to reappear. 

So basically, I want an object to move on one motion path when clicked and another when clicked the next time around. 

It sounds simple enough, but any trigger I am using to change variables or states won't work as people would click the same item to trigger the change. 

Not sure any of this makes sense, but if anybody has a simple solution I'd be very happy. :)

Cheers, Niels

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Add 1 more T/F variable to indicate if the menu is "open" or "closed". Add an action to update the variable after each motion path completes.  Be sure your motion paths are using a "relative starting point". Move the menu on the appropriate path IF the variable is appropriately true or false.

Your triggers should look something like this:

Move object on motion path 1 when the user clicks If open is equal to false.
Set Open equal to true when motion path 1 animation completes
Move object on motion path 2 when the user clicks If open is equal to true.
Set Open equal to false when motion path 2 animation completes