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Jun 24, 2012


I want to develop a management development program for our organization, but I need some input/ideas/examples.

I would like to use Articulate in this program.

Is there someone who has experience with this kind of programs?


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Bruce Graham many no particular order.

I have developed many courses that fall into this category.

1 - what, exactly, are they being "developed" in? Break it down into specific topics.

2 - what are the specific things that they do not do now that the courses are aiming to get them to do?

3 - let's assume that it is "manager things", then online is a FANTASTIC way to explain what behavioural change is required, and WHY - based on personal and company benefits.

But what about "interactivity"?

Well...interactivity does not have to be IN the online course. Use the course as a way to prepare them for real-life activities.

Without knowing the topics, it is hard to guess, however, you could explain a new Review Process, explain WHY the company has decided to do it, have a scenario, then have them download some sheets to be used for planning and executing their next set of reviews.

Does this help start you on your thinking process?

Do not worry about the technology at the moment, think more about the changes in behaviour that you are trying to encourage. Managerial tasks are much more measurable than some, so ensure there are mesaures in there.

Focus on what needs to done at the moment, and how you might make it experiential vs. online. We'll be here to help with anything more you need.


PS - for an exxample of Managerial Financial Skills training, have a look at the McDonalds course here.

Bob S

Hi Jenny,

Bruce's advice is spot on, and since this can be a huge undertaking,  I might take it a step further...

  1. Identify the greatest gaps/pain points in your managers current skill set
  2. Attempt to rank these gaps in order of importance and/or your ability to impact them
  3. Develop an overall framework/idealogy that is coherent and consistent that will allow you to EVENTUALLY address all of the needs
  4. But start by rolling out the biggest "Pay Off" or biggest "Easy Win" that will show the value of the approach and yield tangible results

For example, after your analysis you may find your managers are lacking  in the following areas

  • Empowering Others
  • Leadership Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Coaching Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • etc

That's quite an undertaking. So, of those, you decide that Coaching Skills will yield a huge payoff, be easy to execute, and will be a tangible "win" for the managers and the new program that will create momentum.

So develop the coaching approach first, but be aware of keeping things coherent and constistent with the overall framework for the management development program. It is this step that often trips folks up....  so look big picture at all of the needs/gaps and be sure the solutions you bring in do not conflict with one another.

Hope this helps,


Daniel Brigham

Hi, Jenny:

All this technology stuff can be overwhelming, and I agree with Bruce and Bob that the first thing you want to do is to figure out what the learners need to learn. Sometimes a simpler thing do is to ask a few questions:

1. What skills do the learners need to be better at?

2. How best can I help them practice these skills in the online environment? Often, "scenarios" is the answer.

Create some serious breathing room in your production schedule if you are new to Articulate. It's pretty easy to use, but things do creep up in the interplay between PowerPoint and Articulate.

Jill McNair

Hi Jenny,

When you're ready to look at the visual design, here's some inspiration:

Broken Co-Worker:  Also, Ryan wrote a case study in this blog: 

Here are more places to find inspiration:

Articulate Showcase:  lots of examples from the community using all Articulate products

David Anderson's ElearningExamples (there's a whole section on Storyline examples)

Cathy Moore's Eleraning Samples page on her blog.

Hope this helps!


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