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Sylvia Wright

This does not help me know how to organize and keep track of the mulitudes of "pieces" that go into developing an elearning course/project (ie a gazillion graphics, various versions of a particular lesson, research notes related to the project/course, and on and on). My desktop looks like a jungle because of trying not to lose important bits of the project.  ANY ideas out there?  Helllp

Matthew Bibby

Don't dump everything on your desktop Sylvia!

Here is my folder structure, I use this with every project:

-- Client Name 

------ Project Title 

---------------- Documents (here I put storyboards etc. sometimes sub folders are needed)

---------------- Source (here I store the main Storyline source file)

------------------------ Old Versions (here I store any older or alternate versions of the SL file)

---------------- Published (where I put the published output when done)

---------------- Assets (everything in here must be in one of the folders listed below)

------------------------ Images 

------------------------ Audio 

------------------------ Video

------------------------ Other (if something doesn't belong in one of the other folders, it goes here)

------ Project #2 (subfolders as above)

------ Project #3 (subfolders as above)

-- Client Name #2 (subfolders as above)

------ Project #1 etc.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you get used to putting everything in the right folders it makes things really easy to manage, especially when you need to go back to an old project and make changes. 

It is also a good idea to have a readme file in the main project file. Here you can record information about the project, what version of SL you used, any important info that might help you or another developer work with the project in the future. I don't always do this, but am currently making more of an effort in this regard as it really helps.

I also keep a project log where I keep short notes of what's happening as I develop the project. For example:

20/6/18: Project manager called and said the start date won't be until the 22nd.

20/6/18: Email from graphic designer saying there may be issues with building slide 13 and to let them know if anything is confusing.

22/6/18: Started development. Built skin. Backed up file on external drive.

23/6/18: Built first section. Backed up.

24/6/18: Project manager has changed mind and does want the course made accessible. Submitted new quote for $$$, waiting on approval. 

Hope that helps!

michelle eames

Similar to  Matthews project blog, I keep a track of the project in one note.

I have a page for (usually)

  • the initial project request
  • Initial meeting notes (or I won't understand my writing a couple of weeks later).  I sometimes send this to clients to say, these were the main points i picked up in the meeting, have you any comments or anything i have missed? 
  • A plan / track - this is a table and i add a new row (at the top for any developments, milestones,  things I need to check.  the advantage is I can drag any emails into one note too.

  • Research, including  links to useful web sites i have come across if I need to do any more research.  i can alsos put in links to various doc s I need as well.


David Ward

I did not address how to organize and keep track of the multitudes of "pieces" that go into developing an elearning course in this post. I was more focused on learning what project management methodology (e.g. ADDIE, Agile, etc.) people are using. But I did address organizing and keeping track of e-learning documentation in Validating Curriculum Documentation for Quality Assurance.

Sylvia Wright

BIG help Matthew! THANK YOU!  This will give me a good start and I'll start "practicing" on my current project which is a 4 lesson course, because my next one is a 22 lesson course and I'd really like to have it orderly from the start.  THANKS!

This might be something worth covering during the upcoming Articulate Users Conference.

Kandice Kidd

Hi, I know I"m pretty late to this, but I thought it was a great discussion. I work in education project management for an association and I'm taking courses in ID because I think it's interesting. 

Do you use Trello by any chance? I find this useful for tracking long term projects and I organize it by week. I'm also a lover of spreadsheets and folders. I'm happy to share ideas if you need more help!