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Sylvia Wright

This does not help me know how to organize and keep track of the mulitudes of "pieces" that go into developing an elearning course/project (ie a gazillion graphics, various versions of a particular lesson, research notes related to the project/course, and on and on). My desktop looks like a jungle because of trying not to lose important bits of the project.  ANY ideas out there?  Helllp

michelle eames

Similar to  Matthews project blog, I keep a track of the project in one note.

I have a page for (usually)

  • the initial project request
  • Initial meeting notes (or I won't understand my writing a couple of weeks later).  I sometimes send this to clients to say, these were the main points i picked up in the meeting, have you any comments or anything i have missed? 
  • A plan / track - this is a table and i add a new row (at the top for any developments, milestones,  things I need to check.  the advantage is I can drag any emails into one note too.

  • Research, including  links to useful web sites i have come across if I need to do any more research.  i can alsos put in links to various doc s I need as well.


David Ward

I did not address how to organize and keep track of the multitudes of "pieces" that go into developing an elearning course in this post. I was more focused on learning what project management methodology (e.g. ADDIE, Agile, etc.) people are using. But I did address organizing and keeping track of e-learning documentation in Validating Curriculum Documentation for Quality Assurance.

Sylvia Wright

BIG help Matthew! THANK YOU!  This will give me a good start and I'll start "practicing" on my current project which is a 4 lesson course, because my next one is a 22 lesson course and I'd really like to have it orderly from the start.  THANKS!

This might be something worth covering during the upcoming Articulate Users Conference.

Kandice Kidd

Hi, I know I"m pretty late to this, but I thought it was a great discussion. I work in education project management for an association and I'm taking courses in ID because I think it's interesting. 

Do you use Trello by any chance? I find this useful for tracking long term projects and I organize it by week. I'm also a lover of spreadsheets and folders. I'm happy to share ideas if you need more help!



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