Aug 03, 2011

Is there a way that I can edit the manifest file so that the published course doesn't send any data to my LMS?

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Brandy Meng

We have many discontinued SCORM classes in our LMS that are taking up a lot of space on our server.  We need to keep the completion status on a persons transcript but on the back-end delete the SCORM files and replace it with a small SCORM file that says the course has been discontinued if they try to launch it again but it won't be treated as a new attempt and overwrite the current status on the users transcript.  Does that make sense?

Charles Zoffuto

That does make sense. I am guessing the answer is no, but why not just upload a course published for the web? Do you have to have the imsmanifest.xml for the course to launch?

Can we assume that your learner's status at this point is "completed"? If so then you could just make a single page course that would just report back the the LMS a status of completed.

Have you asked your LMS provider if there is a way to lock the status of a course as a way to archive the data?

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