Master Page Changes Not Replicating to Slides Based On Master Page

Jul 21, 2015

When I make a change to a master page (font, paragraph spacing, whatever) I'm finding it isn't replicating to slides based on that page. Even if I do a "reset slide" on the slide.

What am I missing?

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Scott VanDeKeere

Any ideas??  Anyone?? This happened to me the other day.  I changed every master slide but when I applied the changes, nothing happened.  I even tried applying different master slides to see if any of them would work.  None applied the chages.  Finally ended up changing each slide individually.  Using SL2 and am working off my local drive.  Again, didn't have these types of issues when using SL1.  Not digging this upgrade.

Scott VanDeKeere

Thought of that.  I changed all of the slides shown in the master list to reflect the format I wanted.  Then tried applying each to the slide to see if I was picking the right master.  I know it was making some changes because I could see the some of the formatiing change -- background image applied as well as columns.  What I could not get to apply from any of the masters were the titles -- font, color, and position would not change.  Nor would the position of the body text.  I think one of the problems is that I imported from an old version in PowerPoint.  Maybe that affected the masters.  Although from past experience, I now try to wipe out PowerPoint formatting before import because it has caused some issues with formatting in SL.  Maybe I missed something there.  SL does seem to be easier to work with when slides are created from scratch rather than imported from another source.

Renee Minium

Have you tried saving as a template, open new file and importing to see if you can get the masters. If you get them you can pull in the slides from the current file. Then see if it works?  If it doesn't you could copy/paste the objects slide per slide....elegant it's not, but our motto is if it should work and doesn't start clean!

Mike Enders

Hey all,

Sorry that we missed this thread.  It wasn't an intentional omission!

It would be really helpful if you could provide both source files and a step by step method to reproduce so that we can investigate on our end.  Could you please submit a support case and share what you're seeing?



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