Maximum Content Adaptability/Usability

Nov 13, 2021

Good Morning,
I am mulling over the most flexible/adaptable way to develop content using Articulate 360. I want to develop interactive lessons (with Rise, Studio, or Storyline), but I also want to give traditional lectures on topics via PowerPoint. I am hoping that I can develop lesson content in one platform that I can then also use in PowerPoint to give a lecture. Is the only way to do this to build my content in Studio, or can I copy some/all of a lesson built in Rise/Storyline over to Studio/PowerPont? I hope this makes sense. Your advice would be much appreciated.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's a webinar I did a while back with some tips on converting PowerPoint in the different tools. That may help think through it a bit.

If you used just Storyline, there's no reason that couldn't also be used to present. I've seen people do this:

  • turn off the player features so it's just a slide (maintain a way to advance)
  • publish for CD
  • in the output folder, run the course via Launch.storyline.exe That creates a separate presentation and not tied to your browser.

Some people who do what you want, build their presentations and course in Rise. I use Rise a lot for presentation content. I will use the divider continue button to isolate the content