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Hi all,

Does anyone have experience in implementing a micro-learning site for on-demand learning? What system did you choose and why?

Currently, we have a moodle LMS which is working fantastic for induction and compliance training. However, the business is asking for more and more to be included which doesn't really fit into these categories.

I have done a fair amount of internet searching on the topic and all of the results seem to concentrate on why to implement micro-learning, but they don't go into what systems they have implemented and why they were chosen.




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Matthew Bibby

It's worth considering if you need an LMS at all for micro-learning stuff. Would a basic website suffice? Or do you need to track completion, quiz results etc.? If so, then a Wordpress + LearnDash install might work for you.

Also, if you are interested in using Tin Can API (xAPI), then you'll want to read this recent announcement from the clever folks at Uncanny Owl.

Tristan Hunt


My main concern is ensuring learners can access the information as quickly as possible with as minimal barriers as possible. Essentially opening a web page or app and have a high-quality search function that takes them to the information they need in a manner of seconds.

I don't expect the content to have any kind of quiz or require any tracking as we have the compliance modules for that. It's more for an on-the-job tool where they are going to perform X task and need to know how or a refresher on the correct procedure. 

Matthew Bibby

Just build a website then Tristan. Wordpress is probably the easiest option (not wordpress.com but wordpress.org as you'll want the ability to install plugins etc.).

For a high-quality search option look into Swiftype or SearchWP

There are also lots of other great plugins that you could use to flesh out the site. I'm a huge fan of Gravity Forms. But you want to consider them carefully as each plugin adds complexity and bloat. So only install things that you really need. The only plugin I always install is BackupBuddy.

Choose your theme carefully. You want something that is developed by a company with a good reputation and a long history of developing good themes. You want something that is well supported. You also want something that is as fast as possible, so look for simple themes with incredible page speeds (you can use Google PageSpeed Insights to test).

 Also, using CloudFlare for your DNS (if possible) would help with both page speed and security. 

Yell out if I can help further.

Kate Salvan

LearnDash + Wordpress is a good choice, however LearnВash providers lower functionality than Moodle. So just be aware of this.

Another option is to use free Joomla! CMS to build a website and integrate JoomlaLMS Learning Management System in there.

Here is a detailed Moodle and JoomlaLMS comparison 

Free trial is available, by the way!

Deepak G

Hi Tristan,

Happy to hear that you are looking for a micro-learning system. And I completely agree with you. There are a lot of articles/ resources which say that micro-learning is the best solution for the millennial generation, but none of them tell on how to implement one for your organisation.

Here's one which my colleagues have come up with - The INCITE Framework. It is derived from our experiences and learning from implementing micro-learning systems for couple of our clients. You can download the complete whitepaper from here - http://incite.quodeck.com

I am sure you will find it useful.

Since you are asking about experience, we have deployed quite a few micro-learning systems for courses on Digital Marketing, Compliance, Seller Training, Corporate Banking, etc and we have used are core tool - QuoDeck to deploy these. 

I would recommend trying out QuoDeck as it is a micro-learning tool which provides content authoring as well as MicroLMS services. In case you need any more help in deploying a micro-learning system, please feel free to get in touch with me at deepak@quodeck.com  .

P.S.: Apologies for not recommending any other tool as you had asked for personal experience. I have used Moodle in the past but as you rightly said, it is not suitable for micro-learning.

Deepak G

Hi Tristan,

I am part of the team here at Ptotem, which has developed QuoDeck. So feel free to get in touch with me for any queries.

Also, you can try other systems like Articulate Online or Adobe Captivate Prime, but I am not sure whether they are device responsive. 

Another key thing which often gets ignored while implementing micro-learning systems is content. Even the content has to be into small consumable bytes, ideally not more than 10-15 minutes. So, I would suggest breaking down your content into such smaller packets. With a little planning, may be you can try out this on Moodle as well.

Hope this helps! 

Amran Ibrahim Mohd

Hi guys. Adapt I think is good at delivering micro learning. But the platform is still evolving so has numerous issues to be settled. But you can always checked Evolve and Adapt Builder, both authoring tools are based on the Adapt platform. But then don't expect theirs are a full blown authoring tools. But it boils down to how you design the learning content to achieve the objectives with the constraints we have. 

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Tristan,

I believe WordPress is quite flexible to create good looking websites and catalogs. 

If your training happens on Moodle, you can omit a full blown WordPress LMS plugin like LearnDash. And, instead use any good theme or plugin that can provide catalog/search/sell features. 

If you want to host Articulate content on WordPress you can use GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin to upload, host and display your Articulate content on WordPress. You might not need LearnDash. 

If you do not need Tin Can tracking, you don't even need an LRS. 

If you want to host promotional videos, WordPress allows to host videos from multiple sources including YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

If you decide that you want to track YouTube or Vimeo videos, GrassBlade xAPI Companion (in combination with an LRS) can do that. But, it doesn't look like you need it. 

You could sell on WordPress and auto enroll users on Moodle, but that would need some developers help.