Mixing StoryLine and Presenter

I'm in the middle of creating an elearning with Articulate 09 Suite.  Just downloaded the trial of StoryLine and see that drag-n-drop is an option.  Have not seen how to do this in Articulate 09.  Is it possible to create the drag-n-drop in StoryLine and then insert into Presenter?

FYI - we're still going through the evaluation on StoryLine and I'm confident that we won't get approval for purchasing until well after we're done with this module.  So, I can't justify converting the module to the free trial software (as I would not be able to support the module if changes were needed between the time we publish and when we move to StoryLine (if we get approval)).

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Dominique Calandro

Just an update -- for whatever reason .. now it's working (?!)  The only think I did was go into the published / data / webobject folder and tried to run it from there (to see if it would work -- and it did)  as soon as I went to view the published version (by clicking on the player.html - instead of clicking on the "view" button - it worked !   

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Tx for this post. I tried it and was also successful. Coupla':

1. Stephanie Harnett has a nice Screenr here demonstrating what she achieved with this and providing some additional info: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204930870

2. Also something I ran into. The first time I did this, I didn't change anything in my original Storyline project, and the menu that is part of the player also appeared in Presenter...as a picture, not as an active menu. Here's a screenshot

I (the user) could of course scroll to position properly, but ugh.

So I customized the player, removing all the sidebar/menu items and re-published and it looks great.

Question: Is that typical behavior?

Gabe Anderson

Hi Rebecca-

If you're embedding a Storyline story as a Web Object in Presenter, it will play exactly as designed, so that's what I'd expect to see if you hadn't modified your Storyline player to exclude the navigation. In other words, Presenter's not going to change anything about your published Storyline output, so yes, you would need to change the player to include or exclude whatever elements you'd like.

Shelley Owens Schaal

Hi Gabe,

I followed the above instructions to insert a storyline file using the web object. I produced the SL file in 480 x 360 to fit onto my slide. I inserted it as a web object with custom size of 480 x 360. When I preview it in presenter, it shows at the right size. However, when I produce it out, the size of the web object scales down to 320 x 240. Is this a glitch or did I do something incorrect?


Matt Blackstock

Hi all,

I have followed all of these instructions, changing story.html to index.html etc and  including Gerry W's hint not to let the address to the webobject be more then 256 characters and my Storyline webobjects still aren't displaying in my final Presenter project.

I have sucessfully done it before with incorporating some captivate files and had no issues, but as soon as I try to do the exact same process with a storyline project - following the exact same procedure I still get a blank screen.

It's extremely frustrating especially when you know it has worked before

Has anyone had a similar issue, and were they able to remedy it?

Judy Hogan

Have your posted your project to the web?  We've found that when we insert Web Objects, the person who published the file can view them, but no one else can until the entire published module is posted to the web.  This is a pain because it makes testing a longer, more complex process.  But, it is the only way we've been able to work around the problem.

Matt Blackstock

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the feedback. You are right, once I posted it to a net address it all worked as required.  I was hoping to avoid the longer testing process that you allude to, but I'm guessing it can't be avoided .  At least I know for future testing.

Can't wait till Presenter is updated to Actionscript 3.0 , hopefully that will avoid all the messing around in the future.

Thanks for your help!