More #FREE E-Learning Characters!!

Nov 04, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Had another creative lunch break today. These two characters popped into my mind today (don't ask me why?) and I brought them to live in PowerPoint.

They're fully customizable: eye color, skin color, hair color and clothing can all be altered by choosing a different fill color. Easy peasy!




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Jesi Watts

Jeff---these are great and looks like easy to make too.  When I first saw them they reminded me of some  toys I use to play with as a kid.  Takes me back to the play dough days where you could put the play dough in a little pill person and push out some crazy looking string hair that you could cut with play scissors. Ah...the days when life was a little more simple.  I absolutely love them.  Great job!!!!

Jesi Watts

I think it really depends on the type of content you are conveying to the learner. If it's about the Death & Dying process I think photographic images would be more appropriate. So here is a challenge I think that David Anderson might find interesting. CHALLENGE!!! Make up some e-learning content on a random topic like Safety or Infection Control, etc.... using your usual go-to media choice of photographs. Then take the same e-learning content but then use cartoon /clip art. After you are finished with both---let a few people view them and see which one they like the best.

The other question I have is: Are you RIGHT brained or LEFT brained? I am RIGHT brained so I live in Creative Land 24/7. If you are more linear like the LEFT brained portion of society try doing something DARING and step outside of your comfort zone for a little while. You may be surprised you might like it over in Crazy Town! :)

Tanya Botha

I'm right brained but I think my left brain is in charge - lol. I think its a great challenge, I'll get back to the community shorty with my example. I agree with your statement that it depends on the content that you developing. I don't have any trouble with finding the right pictures for my topics, but I do find it hard trying to  conjure up a simple idea of a cartoon image.  I think it is because it can look or be anything. This is where my creativity takes a knock. I have so many things running through my mind , I eventually give up and feel exhausted before I even started.

How do I start with my images? what cartoon styles are available?


John Wagner

I use both the illustrated characters and the real people in my courses. I think the important thing is finding the right balance and using the kind of figures that are going to help your learners take in the information you are trying to convey. Always keep an eye on who your audience will be. if you're courses are going to be used by corporate executive types then perhaps illustrated characters might not be the best approach. But if you're going to be teaching more average run of the mill people then the illustrated characters might help them learn your material better.

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