More male character sets without ties or from non-traditional industries in content library please

Oct 18, 2021

HI. I work in a "white collar" industry where men do not ever where ties (therapy and counselling, so still professional but not formal, to put clients at ease) and there are no male photo character sets that reflect this. It's very very limiting - in fact I don't use characters in my courses because of this and I can't build scenarios either. The males characters without ties are clearly from factory-type settings or hospitality etc and do not reflect the level of "professionalism" (for the want of a better word) required. Why is this? It's a very old fashioned way of depicting 21st century workplaces and job types for males. (Maybe this is a US convention i.e., that males must wear ties regardless of job type, so you have provided only males with ties?? But this is not true outside the US). As I said, it renders the males characters useless for my courses. 

Please can you add a range of male characters, with appropriate age and ethnic diversity, not wearing ties? (No need for whole new sets - just the current ones without ties). I've uploaded a few examples from Shutterstock that we had to pay for and of course they don't come in different poses.

Thanks Tanudja 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tanudja,

I've seen plenty of posts, like yours, asking for characters wearing specific types of clothes to meet certain needs. And asking for more children. However, I think that adding characters is a very low priority for Articulate. That's simply not the main focus of their business. 

To get a wider selection, I suggest trying companies that do focus on providing characters and other assets for eLearning. For example:

Bianca Woods

Hi Tanudja,

I can definitely understand wanting to have options for male characters that don't include ties. While still required in some roles and companies, so many jobs have shifted to more business casual standards for what men wear to office jobs and other similar industries.

I did check through our current photo characters in Content Library 360 and found a number of downloadable options of men in business casual outfits. Here are some of the current options that could fit into that style category, ranging from more formal to more casual.

Since it sounds like you're not able to see these when you're going to the character library in Storyline 360, I'm wondering if there might be something not working as expected that we can fix for you? So we can start narrowing things down, would you be able to open up the character library, click on the Photographic style, and send me a screenshot of what you can see there?

Tanudja Gibson

HI Bianca,
Thanks - I can see these but what I need is mature men (50s, 60s), in casual business attire, of various ethnicities. Unfortunately these are too young or too casual (t-shirts) and do not reflect working psychologists. I have tried to use Antonio and Ammon (but have not been able to because frankly they are dressed like sleazy creeps and clients here will not have a bar of them). The only other ones suitable are Paul and Jeremy and they look like brothers so no age diversity or ethnic diversity. And none of them is over 45. All those have ties.
Hopefully something can be done about it. Basically renders a major feature of SL useless to my clients ☹
Thanks again
Kind regards,



Sarah Hodge

Hi Tanudja! First, I wanted to let you know it looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response.

I hear you about the characters, Tanudja. Thank you for taking the time to tell us what you’re looking for. It’s really helpful to get insight into the types of characters we are missing. I've passed this along to my colleagues who manage all those assets. Thanks again for reaching out to us!