Movie Trailer Course Development Idea

Hi All,

I was just having a look at some new movie trailers at   and was having a close look at the movie posters and how they represented each movie and why I was attracted to some posters and not others.

It occurred to me this concept is exactly the type of thing we try to emulate when building elearning programs. The other aspect was to build an elearning intro based on the movie trailer concept; enticing front cover, a featurette of the content starring ...

I am sorry if this idea has been mentioned recently but it links in with what I have read previously about using a magazine cover style approach. I hope this stimulates some interesting ideas.

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David Anderson

Very cool idea Danny! And whether or not it's been mentioned, it bears repeating  The best scripts--movie, theater, elearning--aren't complete until they're produced. But how it's produced is subjective and influenced both by the writer/designer and the client/studio!

Take a script--Hollywood or elearning--and give it to 10 different developers/producers and you'll get just as many interpretations. That's what makes our jobs both exciting and challenging:-)