Multiple exams in the same course

Aug 01, 2018

Hello, we recently built a series of courses in which the client wanted two exams for each course. The users take exam Version A, and if they fail, they are directed to exam Version B. I managed to build the Results slide to where the Failure layer shows the link to Version B, and after testing it, finally managed to get it to work properly.

Problem is, the client is saying that the customers aren't getting their certificates after passing Version A. We got together with our LMS guy and looked at the LMS publication settings in Tracking. It had two options for "Track using quiz result" and had defaulted to the result slide for Version B. 

We can change the default to Version A, but the problem is there's no option for "If user fails Version A, use Version B Results." I brought up the idea of inserting a link for Version B in the Results slide, but it would have to be built as a separate course, which opens a new can of worms, and there's still no way to redirect the user in the Tracking settings. They'll get notice that they failed the exam, but the boilerplate (for lack of a better term, and which I have no access to) will direct them back to Version A.

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Benjamin Passons

Do you have much experience with variables and, if so, have you tried using a button that controls a pass/fail variable? It could be a separate slide that the users are directed to after passing either A or B. Also,if you upload the part of your course that has the logic embedded that you mentioned it would be much easier to troubleshoot.

R. Eric Smith

Here's screenshots of what I have now:

I have 1 question draw for Version A (40 questions) followed by the results slide. If the user fails, I have a button that allows them to continue to Version B. It is also 40 questions, followed by the results slide. The last screenshot is the Publish/LMS/Reporting and Tracking/Tracking window. I had to paste in what the drop-down looks like when the mouse arrow hovers over. I couldn't capture it otherwise. As you can see, I can either choose 1.3 (Version A) or 1.5 (Version B) but don't have the ability to have 1.5 chosen if the user gets a Fail result from 1.3.


Benjamin Passons

So I would change the tracking from "Track using quiz result" to "Track using complete course trigger." You can set it up so that when the participant passes either exam they are then directed to the results page, and THEN the course completion trigger sends either a completed/passed or incomplete/failed status to your LMS. According to Articulate, "You can add multiple completion triggers to a Storyline course."

See this link for more:

Judy Nollet

R. Eric: You didn't specify what version of Storyline (SL) you're using. Only SL360 has the "Track using complete course trigger" function that Benjamin mentioned. Here's something you can do in SL3 (or even SL2): Have the Success layer for both quizzes link to a separate quiz question. But set it up so it doesn't seem like a quiz and so there's only one answer-- the correct one. For example, the "question" could be "Click the button below to proceed to the end of the course," and the "answer" button is "Go to end of course" (or something like that). Then have a Results slide for that "question." You can then track the course based on that final Results slide, because the only way the users get to it is by passing one of the real quizzes.

R. Eric Smith

OK, my version of 360 doesn't have Course Completion as a trigger option. 

So, I added a trigger to the Success layer in the Version A exam for "Submit results" and chose the Version A result slide to submit. Likewise, I added the same kind of trigger for Version B and chose the Version B result slide to submit. 

The Tracking page still shows Version B as the default however. I got worried, so I chose the "Number slides viewed" setting and give it a value equal to 10% of the total slides.

I'm going to send the package to our LMS people and see if it works.

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