Multiple images in Engage

I'm pretty sure this isn't TECHNICALLY possible, but there seems to always be workarounds

Basically, I want to have a "tabs" engage interaction, where within each tab there are three images that can be made bigger (zoomed)

Can I insert a quiz (which would actually just be one "blank" slide with three small images that are zoomable into engage as a do I add the content after publishing (I know how to do this with a presenter file post-publish... is it the same?)

Or could I insert a tab interaction within a tab interaction?


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Kayla Burtch

I did just find that...unfortunately it only allows adding one quiz...and I would need 7... so that isn't the best work around. Perhaps I can add engage to engage...and have tabs within tabs...

Basically I have 7 main headings and 3 choices within each of the 7 choices (does that make sense) that I need the user to be able to freely click around within. I thought making the three choices hidden pictures that were zoomed solved my problem, but apparently you can only add one picture in engage. I thought a quizmaker slide was my solution, but aparently you can only add one of those.

Any other solutions?  I could build the whole thing with hyperlinking within presenter, but it won't look as good or fit with the rest of my courses (where the user is used to tabs being rollovers) Can engage be embedded into engage?