Multiple Text Entries in a Quiz Question

I'm creating a course on controlled drugs and how they are entered in a controlled drug register.   As part of a Storyline quiz, I want my learners (all nurses) to fill in parts of a controlled drug register sheet.   I was going to screen shot a page from the register and get nurses to fill in the blanks by typing the correct entries directly into my Storyline course.   Can I use hotspots for data entry?  And how would I go about marking correct answers?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Helen

i would recommend a freeform pick one quiz type that will allow you to evaluate they get all data entry fields correct

see this previous post specifically the video by Jeanette brooks showing how to achieve this

Helen Dudley

Hi Wendy

This is great - I can see how it works. BUT, I keep getting an incorrect feedback response even when I have entered the data correctly.

Also, I am entering numbers, so maybe I should use the insert numeric entry instead. Would this make a difference.

And, can you help with naming my Text/Numeric entries. At the moment I get TextEntry19, when what I really want it to be named the same as the entry. For example, if the number to be entered is 13, then I would like my Entry field to be 13.

Many thanks

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Helen

apologies I missed your post.

Next time you do text entry fields with numbers I would recommend using the numeric entry instead of text entry...for your example i went through and changed all of the conditions to remove the 'case' and just left as equal to xx as I think it might have been confusing SL.

I also put the variable references on screen so i could see they were changing correctly - you can just remove those.

Hope this helps