My Latest Puzzle Game - Space Command

Hello everyone. It has been ages since I posted an e-learning game here and my old profile is not accessible anymore so I am starting from scratch once again.

Ive been able to dedicate some time this week to finally creating a game idea I have had for some time now, and recreated the classic puzzle game Mastermind into a space-themed code breaking game developed entirely in SL360.

The initial release is available to play here

There may be a bug or two lurking, and if you find something please let me know.  

I take no credit for the graphics, they were all borrowed from a Google image search and this game was developed purely for my curiosity towards making another classic board game in Storyline. 

When I get a moment I will write a breakdown of how the game was developed.

This is still in development, any bugs, comments, enhancements and suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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Sonja Osborn

Oooo thank you, that was a nice break!  Got it on the last one.  

Had to mute on the opening screen... the NASA folks talking made it hard to get the instructions. Would also have been really cool to be able to cross out or sort away the colors I had eliminated. A lot of fun! Well done.  Looking forward to seeing how you made this.