My sketchy designed module has multiple quiz branches which wont find themselves upon retry...need help branching

I have a course which allows learners to branch to the location they want to first but all branches must be completed before finishing the module.  At the end of each section I ask 4 or more scored questions and finish with a normal slide directed to branch back to the main hub slide. Everything is fine if the person passes the quiz the first time but if they need to review what they missed and take the quiz again they are directed back to the first 5 questions and the rest of them are not linked together. Is there a way around this or if there is a embedded quiz expert any help would be greatly appreciated.  Here is the snip of my file. The blue circled item is the scoring slide, this shows the branches and the last slide in each branch that feeds back. My thought was to branch seperately on revisit but that is designed to restart the slide or start from where it left off. Any help greatly appreciated. If it can be done without moving and breaking up the course that would be great.  Please advise..Thanks. Phil 



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Phil,

The easiest solution: Add a Results slide at the end of each branch/scene. Disable the NEXT button when the timeline starts on the Failure layer, and enable it on the Success layer. In other words, make the user pass that part of the quiz before they proceed. Then you can also have a final Results slide that compiles the scores from the branch Results. 


An alternate solution: Use variables and conditions to control where the Continue buttons jump to (and Next button, too, if you're including Review Quiz functionality).

For example, here's how to control the Continue button:

  • Create a T/F variable called QuizAgain with an initial value of False. 
  • On the Results slide, add a trigger to change the value of QuizAgain to True. This can be added to the Retry Quiz button.
  • On the last question of each branch, add a condition to the existing Continue button trigger that jumps to the next slide. The condition should be that it only does that if QuizAgain is False. Also add a trigger that jumps to what would be the next quiz question, with the condition that it only does that with the condition that QuizAgain is True. 

BTW, to also allow for Review Quiz, you'd have to have similar triggers for the NEXT button on the last quiz question of each branch. However, you'll see that the default quiz questions don't show the triggers for the NEXT button. To override that, you can set the slide Properties to include NEXT, but add a trigger to hide it whenever the user takes the quiz. That means you'll need separate variables to track whether the user is reviewing the quiz or retrying it, and you'll have to adjust triggers, variables, and conditions accordingly.

It's worth the time to learn about variables and conditions, because they provide the real power in Storyline. For more info, refer to the tutorials and user guides (