Naming LMS ideas

Nov 04, 2015

Hi folks, just looking for suggestions on naming our LMS. What should the wording be? Something like Online Learning Portal? Virtual Learning Environment? aaaaand I'm out of ideas :) Do you have any?


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Bob S

Hi Mazz,

Assuming you are talking about implementing an LMS for your organization/company, then I would go with a name that relates to your business / entity somehow. This could be your industry or a take off on your corp identity. For example....

  • Auto Accessary Manufacturer - maybe "Knowledge Fast Lane" or "Overdrive"
  • Smithshires & Sons Haberdasheries - maybe "Smith-Learn"

Hopefully you get the idea from these awful examples!  Which brings up the other thought....

Have you considered engaging your marketing folks?  This sort of thing is what they do for a living.

Good luck!


Bob S

Each company culture is unique and some do not allow for much wiggle-room. But one of the most successful LMS launches I've been a part of involved a large multi-national that allowed us to come up with an internally branded LMS name similar to suggestion #1 above.  We chose a name that related to the industry AND set the tone for why they should go there. We were able to fully institutionalize the internal branding around the globe and it become a household name so to speak in the hallways.

Not exactly the same, but think of an electronic navigation instrument company that might choose "the compass" for their LMS branding.   Then you internally market with tag lines like "Help navigate your career on the new Compass learning site"  or "Chart your future with the Compass".    

Anyways, this approach is not for everyone for sure.  But I can tell you that it on our case it turned out to be a best-in-class launch that far exceeded even our expectations.


Jason Reed

Hi Mazz,

I think Bob is on the right track with his suggestions. This kind of process will almost always benefit from some key words and then a workshop to develop ideas around them. It doesn't necessarily have to relate to your business in terms of name, but it should feel natural to associate the two of them.

Also, you'll want to come up with a name that you're comfortable saying again and again as you explain it to people and something that's not hard to spell :)

There's a great podcast I listen to called Startup. They have a whole episode about what they went through to try and name their company. Maybe it will give you some ideas of how to approach it?

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